Workshops & Seminars

WSEA offers three seminars a year designed to help Enrolled Agents meet the requirements to remain enrolled to represent taxpayers before the IRS. WSEA is an IRS approved education provider of Continuing Professional Education credits. Below are the links to upcoming seminar notices.

New location this year!
May Seminar and Annual Meeting:

Two days in depth Trust Returns and Ethics with

Jaye E. Tritz, EA, CFP, NTPI Fellow®

As the “baby boom” generation ages and prepares to transfer wealth to future generations, trusts are becoming more popular and more widely used.  They play an important role in the estate and legacy planning of an individual and their family.  A trust is not a substitute for a will, but rather, it complements the will and helps to carry out the transfer of wealth in an orderly, preplanned manner while minimizing probate and other costs.  In this seminar, we will examine the various types of trusts and their functions. We will learn the life cycle of a typical trust, the roles of the various individuals associated with the trust, and the tax reporting obligations of the trust.  Since a trust may be either a pass-through entity or a separately taxed entity, it is important to fully understand trust taxation.  Some of the types of trusts we will be discussing include the grantor trust, the special needs trust, the QTIP trust, the asset protection trust, the charitable trust, the annuity trust, the life insurance trust, the qualified domestic trust (QDOT), and the intentionally defective grantor trust.  Finally, we will gain hands-on experience completing the Form 1041, U.S. Income Tax Return for Estates and Trusts and the associated Schedules K-1.

14 hours of Continuing Education
Clarion Suites in Madison, WI
Annual Member meeting on Monday at 2:30 pm and Board Meeting afterwards.  All are invited to attend

Banquet and Board Installation Monday Evening at 6:00 pm

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